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Creating And Enhancing Your Personal Support

source: Michael C. Irving, PhD

It is important to think about what help or support you need and make a list of those whom you trust to turn to. Dividing your requests for support between different people can ensure that you receive a helpful diversity of care. It will also prevent burning out one ally whom you have to lean on too much or too often.

Seeking Assistance Of Your Support People

  1. List names with phone numbers. Clarify ahead of time what they can handle and what they cannot help with. Write down OK times to call them.
  2. Look through your address book.
  3. Use a buddy system.
  4. Form a support group.
  5. Support check-ins: Get a friend to phone or write you to tell you that you are safe and a good person.
  6. Designate a regular time to have check-ins with some people.
  7. Call your therapist.
  8. Call a crisis or help line.
  9. Call a trusted friend.
  10. Allow your pets to give you nurturing and support.
  11. Know that friends cannot always be there — have back up people.
  12. Write to a friend.
  13. Send e-mail.
  14. Call someone.
  15. Use the resources in your church or spiritual setting.
  16. Stay with a friend at your home or theirs.
  17. Take a class or workshop.
  18. Join a therapy group.
  19. Volunteer somewhere.
  20. Look after a child now and then.
  21. Have a slumber party.
  22. Seek encouragement from friends.
  23. Have a party.
  24. Use Internet support groups.
  25. Reconnect with someone special.
  26. Go for a walk, movie or shopping with a friend.
  27. Enjoy a pleasant activity with a friend.
  28. Listen to your favorite or upbeat music with a friend.
  29. Go dancing.


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