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What Should You Look For?

When visiting a licensed online mental health provider website you should find the following information:

  1. Does the provider list their name clearly, their license number, contact information, and phone number?

  2. Does the provider list the times they are available, and provider contact information in event of an emergency, or backup coverage information for the times they are not available?

  3. Does the provider have an intake process which includes confirming your age and other contact information in the event of an emergency?

  4. Does the provider discuss the limitations of online mental health care; the appropriateness of online mental health care for some situations and inappropriateness for other situations?

  5. Does the provider discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online mental health care?

  6. Does the provider address the difficulties of ensuring complete client confidentiality of information transmitted through electronic communications over the internet?

  7. Does the provider offer encryption software or provide links to companies that do provide the software?

  8. Does the provider address how long your private information will be stored and where it will be stored, as well as any measures they are taking to protect your information?

  9. Does the provider discuss a treatment plan, as well as alternative treatments they can provide or links to other providers who do offer alternatives?

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last revised: 12/18/04