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Ways You Can Support This Website

There have been many inquiries about how people can help with this very important cause. There are numerous things you can do:

  • Educate yourself about what the differences in the various licensing and credentials.

  • If you are you considering using e-therapy, take the time to check out the credentials.

  • If you are interested in voicing your concerns as a consumer, or if you would like to learn more about mental health care online, join the International Society for Mental Health Online email list.

  • Get a banner and display it on your home page to get the word out to others!

  • Link Up – post your home page in support of Consumer’s Guide to Online Mental Health Care!

  • Write your congressman to have the laws changed to protect survivors from fraud of non licensed mental health care providers on line.

  • If you meet someone on the internet and they claim to be a therapist – ask for their credentials or license number or what organization they are registered through.

  • All on-line therapists should have a way to verify their license located on their web site. If they do not – find another on-line therapist.

About Fraud On The Internet
As everyone knows, anyone can come on the internet and profess to be anyone. But… beware! It is your responsibility to verify what someone is telling you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You can help make a difference by writing your local congressman to have the laws changed. Ask your congressman for stiffer penalties for people impersonating a therapist on line. Together we can make a difference!

Authentic Therapists Will Not:
(these characteristics hold true for either on-line or off-line therapists)

  • Claim false credentials
  • Have any form of sexual contact with you
  • Reveal your confidences (except under specific circumstance)
  • Practice outside their areas of competency
  • Continue seeing you when it is obvious that your are not benefitting from therapy
  • Take advantage of you or exploit you in any way
  • Carry on business or other personal relationships with you during treatment
  • Charge fees for services not given, misrepresent services given, or charge excessive fees
  • Mislead you through exaggerated claims or other misrepresentation
  • Misuse testing results or other information about you
  • Practice psychology while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or serious mental illness
  • Abandon you during therapy

Disclaimer:   I am not a health care professional. I am an abuse survivor. The resources on this site are for information and education only. Information on this website is meant to support not replace the advice of a licensed health care or mental health care professional. Please consult your own physician for health care advice.

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last revised: 12/18/04