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  1. Read Survivors’ Voices Archives, a bi-monthly newsletter, online since July 2001! Editorials, poetry and articles submissions are welcome from both professionals and survivors.

  2. Tell your abuser what you feel! Don’t we all have so many feelings trapped inside, and sometimes the urge to say the horrors done out loud to someone. You aren’t alone anymore! Now you can anonymously write to your abuser at

  3. Read ShrinkTime Archives. Make sure to check out articles related to healing after abuse by Dr. Laura Russell.

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The Insider's Guide to Mental Health Resources Online, 2002/2003 Edition

The Insider’s Guide to Mental Health Resources Online, 2002/2003 Edition

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The Insider’s Guide to Mental Health Resources Online, 2002/2003 Edition
by John M. Grohol, Edward L. Zuckerman

Book Description:
From online mental health pioneer John M. Grohol, the 2000/2001 edition of this acclaimed guide helps readers take full advantage of Internet and World Wide Web resources in psychology, psychiatry, and related areas such as self-help and patient education. The book explains and evaluates the full range of search tools, newsgroups, and databases–including MEDLINE and PsychINFO — and describes hundreds of specific mental health sites. Easy to use and chock-full of the latest information, the 2000/2001 edition features new reviews and critical ratings, up-to-date website and e-mail addresses, and coverage of over 60 new resources. Users learn how and where to go online to get the latest treatment information for specific disorders, find job listings and network with other professionals, obtain needed articles and books, conduct grant searches, and much more.



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