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The Survivor's Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse
Buy The Survivor's Guide to Sex: How to Have an Empowered Sex Life After Child Sexual Abuse


This book offers an affirming, sex-positive approach to recovery from incest and rape.

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Heart of Gold Award

Sample MAH Network Heart of Gold Award

Do you have a great web page related to abuse issues you’d like to share? Apply for the MAH Network Heart of Gold Award (see contact email address at bottom of page). You can win an award between 1 to 5 gold hearts. A sample copy of the award is above.

Criteria for a 5 Hearts of Gold Award

  1. Abuse Related – The web page must be related to abuse, multiplicity, or healing after abuse.

  2. Functionality 20% – Designed for the most common browsers and the most common monitor resolutions. Site loads quickly. Clear navigation. Clean HTML without faulty error codes when page loads. Few, if any broken links.

  3. Graphic Design 20% – Visually appealing. Clear and simple design. Elegant and sophisticated design concepts. Good use of fonts styles and typography. Proper use of tables. Good use of color.

  4. Content 20% – Interactive. Surfers have a reason to come back. Site includes a last edited date on each page. Site will contain minimal typos and few spelling errors. Site map or search-enabled. Proper use of grammar and language. More than a collection of links. Must have some original content. Site will not contain music without controls to turn it off.

  5. Originality 20% – Unique, clever solutions. Creative. Evocative. Effective use of technology: java, active x, css, sql, perl, etc.

  6. Effectiveness 20% – Contact information on each page. Privacy practices published. Focused. Effective use of titles, meta tags, & page content, keyword relevancy, accuracy of summary descriptions, clarity of purpose.

Does your site meet all the above criteria? If you are not sure, that’s ok. I’ll be happy to review it when you apply. To apply send an email with:

“Applying For Heart of Gold Award” in subject line of your email

The body of your email should include,

1. Your Name:
2. Your URL:
3. Description of Your Site:

Want to see current list of award winners? How do you know someone really won the award for their website? That’s easy. Each winner is issued an ID# and that number will be viewable by putting your mouse over the award graphic showing you the ID#. That ID# will correspond with the one on the current winners page along with the name of the website.


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