Free Real Estate Workshop!

  1. Free Real Estate Workshop!
    Event on 2014-06-19 18:30:00
    We are a group of experienced Real Estate Investors looking to add to our network. That way we can all benefit as we share the different Investment opportunities we come across. Our organization has programs for beginners as well as experienced Investors. Our team doesnt teach Real Estate Investing we create Real Estate Investors. Not only will members be taught the latest Investment strategies by wealthy Investors but members are also assigned a mentor with several years of Real Estate Investing experience. If members have any questions while implementing the strategies taught they can ask their mentor or even the group at one the events we host.

    In the big picture we are a national network of Real Estate Investors that is now expanding rapidly in NY, NJ, and CT. Right now were in a once in a lifetime buyers market which is helping to fuel our expansion. Never again in our lifetime will we see the combination of below market property values and record low mortgage rates. Working with us will give you the option of Investing part time for residual income or firing your boss and becoming a full time Investor. Members of our network have chosen either of these options are enjoying more financial freedom investing.

    Did you know that there were more millionaires created through Real Estate than in any other industry? Fortune Magazine has predicted that between 2006 and 2016 10,000 millionaires will be created because of the recession. Our goal is to do as much as we can to make that prediction come to fruition. Will you be one of those millionaires?

    at NYBDG
    1150 6th Ave
    New York, United States

  2. Real Estate Investors Success – Build True Wealth Today!!
    Event on 2014-06-19 19:00:00
    Looking to Invest in Real Estate? Looking for work, maybe a new career? Register Now for a FREE 2hr real estate investing orientation and learn how you can achieve financial freedom working with our national community of real estate investors. We have 23 offices nationwide, and looking for good people who are serious about building wealth. Register for more info at

    Come learn about the dual-income opportunity available through our sales and investor training systems in which you set your schedule, FT, PT, or Spare Time. We have a set schedule for live events nationwide, so all you have to do is get plugged in to meet with the team. All meetings that we organize are hosted by local real estate investors who are willing to help out those that are serious about learning and earning. Don't just come for the presentation. Make sure you register for the follow up meetings, and be sure to network with those that are already part of our organization.
    You can join our community of real estate investors, get trained online & live at local events and workshops sponsored by leaders and community members so you can invest in real estate, and build real estate wealth for you & your family.

    You can also get paid to help our community grow, share this experience and the education with others, and you can get paid ,000 to ,850 per qualified sale, get paid twice a week with commission checks mailed directly to you.

    Real Estate Investing is a Team Sport. When YOU have an Educated and Structured team to work within your local area, then you can accomplish so much more as a team. Whether you like real estate or not, you might not realize that you already are a real estate investor. Networking and learning with us will help you build your wealth mindset needed to succeed. Local Real Estate Investors events across the country give you the opportunity to network with like-minded people, aspiring and current entrepreneurs looking to maximize their earning potential. At this orientation, we will show you:Go to Contribution Link related to Unibet :

    – How the Real Estate Investors Training Program is unmatched in the industry and how we use it to create massive and passive income streams through real estate investing..
    – The plan that has assisted hundreds of associates in our community to a net worth over a million dollars in controlled assets.
    – How you can be involved in the group real estate transactions that we are involved in.
    – A working business model where you can work from home or our local offices instead of fighting traffic!
    – How you could be done interviewing for jobs for the rest of your life!

    We create successful real estate investors and we have the results to prove that our system works. You must be coachable, willing to work very hard, dedicated, and most importantly passionate about creating long lasting, secure wealth through business ownership and real estate working with our national community of real estate investors. Our group of Real Estate Investors within the Renatus Community have a goal of creating an educated community of Real Estate Investors nationwide!! Register above and come meet with us so that you can learn how you can get paid while you build wealth.

    No Muscle or Experience Needed!
    Get Motivated, Get Educated, and Get Compensated!!

    Once you register, please check your email for confirmation instructions.

    at New York, New York, United States
    New York, New York, United States
    New York, United States

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