Which site is the best for Soccer fixture with Asian

  1. i want to bet soccer and i want see the Soccer Fixture with asian handicap.

    Answer by Anto.G86!
    William Hill.

  2. I was at a betting shop the other day and someone was talking about asian handicap when betting on football is more profitable. Can someone explain what asian handicap is?

    Answer by GamblingMaster
    The Asian handicap program eliminates any chance for reduction due to a tie, that increases the gamblers possibilities of achievement (or loss).
    Match: Everton vs. Newcastle United
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    Handicap: 0 : +1.5

    Explained: This handicap states which Everton is “giving” Newcastle 1 plus 1 half objectives for the match.

    What this signifies is the fact that Newcastle is beginning the game with a 1.5 objective lead. If the final score of the game is Everton 2-1 Newcastle, then a bet about Newcastle wins with all the final score (considering the handicap, Everton 2 – 2.5 Newcastle).

  3. I always thought that winning lottery and casino odds were bad. Are soccer odds the same? How about Asian handicaps

    Answer by ZCT
    All chances are stacked against we. There has to be some sort of home edge or the apartment might go from company.

    All gambling is biased towards the casinos plus betting stores. In the extended expression youll usually lose.

    The just exception is a talent based game like poker where the apartment doesnt care that wins or loses. They simply take a cut of the action.

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