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One would think as the awareness of what causes PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and MPD/DID (Multiple Personality Disorder/Dissociative Identity Disorder) grows that the treatment options as well number of treatment/hospital centers would grow along with it respectively. Unfortunately that has not been the case, since it seems almost impossible to get two mental health professionals to agree on the validity of MPD/DID. In fact while the number of people diagnosed with MPD/DID grows the number of treatment centers for treating it continue to decrease. Perhaps this can be attributed to managed care being more prevalent, perhaps not.

On-line I hear story after story of folks with MPD/DID not being able to find counselors for treatment or when in crisis having to deal within a mental health system that is neither equipped nor educated to deal with the problem. For this reason, I felt a need to include this page so that folks can educate themselves on self advocacy issues and become more involved. For instance below one of the links is a printable Advanced Directive for Psychiatric Care. An advance directive empowers you to make your treatment preferences known. More than 90% of the links below are consumer run activist organizations advocating within the mental health system. Knowledge truly is power, because the more you know, the less likely you’ll be hurt by the system.

Advanced Directive for Psychiatric Care
Wonderful site that has templates for creating an advanced directive for psychiatric care. If you expect to need mental health treatment in the future and believe that you might be found incompetent to make your decisions at that time, make the choices now, and have them honored later.

Alternative Approaches To Mental Health Care
“An alternative approach to mental health care—one that emphasizes the interrelationship between mind, body, and spirit—can play an important role in recovery and healing. Although some people with mental health problems recover using alternative methods alone, most people combine them with other, more traditional treatments—such as therapy and, perhaps, medication. It is crucial, however, to consult with your health care providers about the approaches you are using to achieve mental wellness. Although some alternative approaches have a long history, many remain controversial. The Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health was created in 1992 to help evaluate alternative methods of treatment and to integrate those that are effective into mainstream health care practice.”

Advocacy Unlimited, Inc.
Advocacy Unlimited includes a great article on the use of restraints, and consumer being more in control, as in goal setting for the millennium. There’s a great list of the principals of advocacy and an overview of what CMHC Block Grants are and how they came about. Includes a bookstore, and resource center, as well as a featured articles section. Organization is Connecticut based.

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
This site is a must see, constantly updated. Some of the issues discussed include the use of restraints, outpatient commitment, insurance parity, fair housing and disabilities act, just to name a few. Keep a bookmark on this site.

Justice In Mental Health Organization
“It is an advocacy group as well as a mutual self-help organization that offers a network of support to thousands of individuals living in the community. JIMHO, along with its twenty-five affiliated drop-in centers, has become one of the most effective consumer-run alternatives in the country.”

The Lunatics’ Liberation Front
“LLF is an information network whose main subject is alternatives to psychiatry. Its aim is to promote the liberation of people who have been or are in danger of being labeled mentally ill — those who go nuts or get too angry, too “high” or too miserable for their own and/or other people’s comfort…”
“We are the 100% Mental Health Consumer-Run Statewide Advocacy Organization in Massachusetts!”

National Mental Health Consumers’ Self-Help Clearinghouse
“The Clearinghouse is a consumer-run national technical assistance center established in 1986 and funded by a grant from the Federal Center for Mental Health Services. We are committed to helping mental health consumers improve their lives through self-help and advocacy. Specifically, we help consumers plan, provide, and evaluate mental health and community support services.”

Speak Out!
“Many victims have learned much in the process of becoming survivors. They have paid dearly, emotionally, financially, by losing years of their lives. Many have survived as stronger, wiser persons. Sharing their testimonials may be helpful to them as yet another step in the healing process. All their pain and struggle were not for naught if others, too, can learn from their experience and thus be in a better position to understand and respond to other victims.”

Support Coalition International
“Support Coalition International is engaged in four campaigns for human rights and alternatives in the “mental health system.”
Alternatives: Promote effective, humane alternatives to the current psychiatric system. Electroshock: Challenge force and fraud in the use of “electroconvulsive therapy.” Forced Drugging: Stop involuntary psychiatric drugging both inside institutions, and out in the community. DENDRON: This is Support Coalition’s award-winning journal on human rights and alternatives in the “mental health system. Heal Normality, Naturally! Just for fun, we turn the tables on psychiatric labeling, by looking at one of the most dangerous distresses currently threatening the planet: so-called “normality.”


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